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If you need a custom fiddle or violin track for your recording, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can discuss your project to see if we can help.

Below are the detailed instructions on how to prepare the guide mix of your song.  These few simple steps can make the whole process seemless.

As always, please check first to make sure that we can schedule the work to fit in with your production timeline. 

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How To Submit Your Project

Create a Guide Mix

Create a guide mix of your song which includes all the tracks that you plan to keep in your final mix. If the vocal track is a placeholder scratch, mix it lower than you would for your final mix to avoid influencing the pitch or timing of the new violin or fiddle tracks being recorded.

It is always advisable to export or “bounce out” your mix starting at the very beginning of your session, not just the beginning of the song.  The exception would be if the song is exremely long and the violin or fiddle is only going to start at or near the end.  In that case, exporting the mix starting a few bars before the violin/fiddle section is generally sufficient.

Audible Cues

Please include your "count in" click, or have some audible cue in your guide mix before the song actually starts. We will embed that count in click on all of the finished tracks you get back so that you can accurately line them up with your existing mix.  After you have positioned your new files in your DAW session, simply mute or erase the cue markers.

File Transfer

If you would like to email your guide track mix, please compress to an mp3 or Apple M4A or AAC.  Alternatively, you can FTP the full resolution WAV or AIFF mix using your preferred file transfer service and just email the download link. Many of our clients use WeTransfer which has a free option sufficient for files of this size.

Important Information to Include

To email your mp3 or AAC file, please send it to the contact link in the top menu. In the e-mail message itself, please indicate the following information:

1) Tempo in BPM (beats per minute) if applicable
2) File format you want to get back (WAV or AIFF)
3) Preferred resolution - 16 or 24 bit and 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 KHz
4) Tuning if other than A 440
5) Arrangement instructions if you have something specific in mind

Synchronize Your New Track

After you have imported your new violin or fiddle tracks into your DAW, line up the start point for all the new string tracks and slide or nudge them so that the count in click or audio cue on the string tracks line up with the same click or cue in your existing session. You can zoom in to do this visually and also listen for flanging, this indicates that they are locked.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about this procedure. Just click the contact link here or at the top of the page.

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Award Nominations

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Pop Instrumental Category

Rumbadoodle - Arun Shenoy Producer
Ian Cameron - Composer / Violinist 

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New Age Category

Voyager - Catherine Duc Producer
Ian Cameron - Violin / Guitar / Mandolin


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