If you're concerned about any of the following issues this may help.


By law, copyright is legally yours from the instant you create a work. To verify this though, it's advisable to register your work with the Library of Congress and mark it with the copyright symbol ©. All work submitted to Internet Quartet will be considered to be copyrighted by either you or the original creator that you represent.

Getting The Finished Tracks

Receiving the finished files after payment is made - Prior to you making any payment, I will have invested hours of my time into perfecting tracks that are designed specifically for your project (i.e. of no use unless they're in your mixdown). The only benefit I can derive from them at that point is by having my hard work on your release. That will help ensure that you're a repeat client, and it will promote me to new prospective clients when they hear how great your music sounds with me playing on it. ;)

Credit Card Fraud

I have no access whatsoever to your credit card information. All transactions are conducted through PayPal, a secure third party card processing company. You will also have the added benefit of accurate transaction records both online and on your Paypal statement.


No e-mail address is ever exchanged or sold to any third party under any circumstances whatsoever. Your address will only be used for direct correspondence regarding your project.


If you're not completely satisfied with the string tracks You Don't Pay! It's that simple. Before any payment is made you have to approve the finished tracks.

If you have any other concerns at all, don't hesitate to contact me .